Illustration of a DNA structure
DNA Molecule from WikiMedia

Biopython is a python package used for many bioinformatics applications. What is bioinformatics, do you ask? If I were to summarize it in very simple terms, it’s the process of analyzing biological sequencing data. The data are usually DNA or protein sequencing data. With the advancement of sequencing technologies, there…

Through my journey of learning various data science skills using Jupyter Lab in a Conda environment, I started to find some features that are nice to have. Here, I have a summary of what I have found useful (so far). The first one is really an essential knowledge, but I…

~The Journey to Data Science Learning~

The Now

I started a data science immersive program. Alongside all the coding comes the math — statistics to be exact. I am at the beginning of this 12-week program, and I feel at the moment that my coding skills are not great — yet. However…

Emiko Sano

Microbiologist, Data Scientist In-Training, and STEM education enthusiast

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